Natural Movments with Games.

In contrast to how we live in real world games tries to provide us simulation and entertainment.
So let me describe the situation & Problem : A person moving forwards facing left hand side with his face tilted 45 degree to the ground and his pupil’s looking down as much as he can and and his right hand pointing and firing weapon 180 degree of his face. Now that is quite possible thought god knows who will do it.
Today’s Games are no where near to this Natural Movement.

A . We can move our in front go to back strafe sideways move up ( in case of staircase etc.) move down. Multiple gestures, positions,situations cane be derived out of them like falling is continuous moving down without support.
B. Whatever you move is You can always move your head in a random way.
C. Moreover whenever you move + Move your Head, Your eyes can look in altogether different directions
D. now with all the things happening you moving a in random direction facing in some direction and still looking in part of the scene where you face is.
E Your hands are the ones that do much of the stuff in games like shooting guns.

  1. we Have a head mount Display which covers the area more than that our eyes can see that means if I am looking into my HMD I must see a area which can have as much view as much as my eyes can see without moving my head ; clearly this is the real life ;
    Do a exercise to understand this.  Make your head still, look in one direction now move your eyes with your head still in same position. what do you see different view.
    lets understand this with another example lets say you focus on this WORD now the title of the post is a bit away from your eye’s focus so you can’t read it but can read THIS
    currently. So a HMD with space so that we may move eyes to focus on different parts of the Image . 

    Normally when we we see we focus on a specific object but things around that become somewhat unclear , also when we are looking in front without moving our head or eyes we somewhat get some impression of a person when he come stands by our side  so that’s when achieved will give us most realistic  Computer image. i.e. Our Eyes covers more that what it can see so our screen should be big enough may be a bit curved.

  2. Computer video/Graphics are either captured from a video camera/ generated using a view port in calculation now that’s where the real problem starts You can focus on any part of the image rendered for you , but you cannot refocus wherever you want but as far as Games are concerned we can change view port and position of eyes to refocus image wherever we want,, Now that part where the Game Software would need the position of Pupil to exactly know where the person wearing HMD is looking in the rendered scene.Capturing the angle / Position of Pupil’s we can provide image rendered in computer, exactly where we are looking or focusing.
  3. HMD with 6DOF which can tell precise Orientation of Head. and HMD will have two scene displaying left and right so it can be inherently 3D stereoscopic.
  4. Sony Move Controller/Wii Motion Plus / Darwin Controller/ kind of stuff in hands which can provide precise position and orientation of Hands.

Lets keep implementation of Movements of a person out out of current post and see what did we achieved.

  • When we are standing with a weapon ready for hip fire , we don’t see the actual weapon since we are facing in front + our pupil is facing a bit above, suddenly we see an enemy we do hip firing but since we are using precision controller the aiming in as perfect as we have practiced.
  • Now in the same scene we do aim down the sight ( i.e . holding the gun in the line of sight of firing using the gun’s iron sight) we now see the gun since it comes into view port of  scene rendering .
  • consider above scene again but even though we are aiming down the sight we moved our head little to left and aim down the sight is not perfect.

but in today’s’ game when we move the head i.e intend to move the head we move as well i.e our body moves as we move the face. which is not that can be realistic ever.

  1. Motion sensor based 6DOF, 3D capable HMD( more than HD resolution)
  2. Pupil sensor.
  3. 6DOF motion controller.

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