New Condor Setup

Just completed a new Condor setup, a pool of 80 Processors and 40+ machines till now .
here are 1,2,3,4 for the same
1. Download Condor
2. Install condor on a machine tell it that it is a master so start a new pool , in case you already have a pool this post is not for you 🙂
3. Install condor on all machines that u have.
4 . Start submitting jobs

Setting up a condor pool for job scheduling and getting to use Idle time of hundreds of machines is not difficult I think every organization with computers should be having it as a resource. And  you can enjoy the real magic of Condor even without going deeper into it just literate your users on how to submit jobs. that’s it , Well I don’t recommend using condor if u don’t have a reason for using it, check with your system administrator too.

So what can u run on those Idle CPUS, well there are lot of things we will talk on these real soon.


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