Condor package for Oscar!

From condor project

The goal of the Condor® Project is to develop, implement, deploy, and evaluate mechanisms and policies that support High Throughput Computing (HTC) on large collections of distributively owned computing resources.
Guided by both the technological and sociological challenges of such a
computing environment, the Condor Team has been building software tools that enable scientists and engineers to increase their computing throughput.

Condor package  for Oscar is currently built around latest stable version 6.8.5. Condor installation is a straightforward way one can use .tar.gz or rpm and new install method is a perl script which has to be provided with many arguments and which configure Condor and make changes to condor_config file they way you want to see condor functioning.

1. I have tested Condor 6.8.5 with FC-5 and FC-6 so need to extract the correct rpm and pack it with package.

There are directly two ways of getting it configured .
Common : Head node as submit and manager & all client nodes in execute mode.

A. Head node in also in execute mode.
B. Head node able to send jobs to other manager. (Not more than one manager for now).
C. Head node able to receive jobs from other managers.

All the three ways above can be easily mixed, but common will always be there by default.

2. I am already done with basic scripts.

what remains for condor package to be released is
a. Convertion to new format (yet to understand how to do that)
b. Uninstaller(which should work in oscar_wizard manage mode, i.e for existing clusters)
c. Testing with other distros
d. test cases (currently performing)

By 18/July Condor package should be available for install with Oscar with all the above configuration modes. There are many more advance configuration of Condor on a cluster I am checking on it and if possible add it to this release but unless very important I won’t like to get them included.
A final release (  that might be first public release) will have to wait some more time which will include more distributions supported by Oscar than just Fedora code 5 & 6, and more testing done on the package.

There will be a issue if we not try to use VDT and configure WS-GRAM for condor scheduling since VDT itself installs Condor as a part luckily there is how to on how to avoid that.

So I am pretty much close with this. I shall make a post when this is over I shall again take over vdt-globus package there is some more learning I did with vdt so will jump directly to configuration since setuping up is almost complete with one issue left which can change the way VDT will install, more on that later.

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